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AMF Controller

Product Image (DSE 7320 MK II)

DSE 7320 MK II Advanced AMF Relay Controller

Price: 35400 INR/Unit

DSE 7320 MKII is advanced AMF Controller is advanced AMF Controller with PLC Functality, communication Featrures & DG Set Automation Controls.

Product Image (DSE 4520 MK II)

DSE 4520 AMF Relay Controller

Sutable for Electronic Engine Via (CAN) 3 Ph Mains And 3 Ph DG Monitoring 3 Analog Inputs for Oil, coolent Temp, Fuel 4 Digital Input 6 Digital Output USB Port for programming through DSe configuration Suite Aux : 8 to 35V DC Wtih Alpha Numeric Display

Product Image (EC2)

Auto Mains Failure Controllers

  • Supply Ability:1000 Per Month
Product Image (EGA 250)

Auto Mains Failure Controller

  • Product Type:Auto Mains Failure Controller
  • Rated Voltage:120-190 Volt (V)
  • Power Consumption:120-190 Volt (V)